Up the hill from the lakeside Moto-Hakone bus stop is the entrance to the stone-paved Old Hakone Highway, part of the Edo-era Tōkaidō Highway that connected the shogun’s capital with Kyoto. You can walk back to Hakone-Yumoto via the trail through the woods, which takes about 3½ hours. Note that the old cobbles can be very slippery in damp conditions.

About 30 minutes' walk from Moto-Hakone, the path passes behind the wonderful old pilgrim's inn, Amazake-chaya. You can catch a bus back to Hakone-Yumoto from there, or keep going on foot to the small village of Hatajuku (畑宿), where you can visit the Hatajuku Yosegi Kaikan to find out more about the craft of marquetry practised in the area.