Park in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Onshi Hakone Kōen

Occupying a peninsula on Ashino-ko, this scenic park was formerly the grounds of an imperial summer retreat. The 'Lakeside Panorama Pavilion', said to offer Hakone's finest view of Mt Fuji, was built just behind the…
Museum in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Narukawa Art Museum

Art comes in two forms here – in the exquisite Japanese-style paintings, nihonga, on display, and in the stunning Mt Fuji views from the panorama lounge looking out across the lake, conditions permitting.
Shinto Shrine in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone


A pleasant stroll around Ashino-ko follows a cedar-lined path to this shrine set in a wooded grove, in Moto-Hakone. Its signature red torii (gate) rises from the lake; get your camera ready for that picture-postcard…
Museum in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Hakone Sekisho

You're free to walk through this 2007 reconstruction of the feudal-era checkpoint on the Old Tōkaidō Highway, but if you want to enter any of the buildings you'll need to buy a ticket. One displays Darth Vader–like …