Top Choice Seafood in Hakodate

Kikuyo Shokudo

Inside Hakodate Morning Market, Kikuyo Shokudo got its start in the 1950s as a counter joint to feed market workers and is now one of the top reasons to come to Hakodate. The speciality here is the 'Hakodate tomoe-d…
Street Food in Hakodate

Daimon Yokochō

This is a fun place to gather in the evening, a collection of 25 food vendors gathered in an old-style marketplace, with outdoor seats (when it's not freezing!). You can take your pick from ramen, donburi (rice bowl…
Burgers in Hakodate

Lucky Pierrot

Hakodate's iconic burger shop has been voted best in the nation several times – despite its cultivated dive image. The house special is the 'Chinese chicken burger', an oddly addictive combo of twice-cooked chicken,…