Mountain in Hakodate

Hakodate-yama & Ropeway

Mention you've been to Hakodate and every Japanese person you know will ask if you took in the night view from atop Hakodate-yama – it's that famous! Take the ropeway (gondola) to the top for amazing views over the …
Top Choice Market in Hakodate

Hakodate Morning Market

Located just to the south of JR Hakodate Station, this market is a great place for hungry seafood lovers. Like tightly packed ammo, freshly caught squid glisten in ice-stuffed styrofoam. Most of the live commerce is…
Fort in Hakodate

Goryō-kaku Fort Park

Japan's first Western-style fort was built in 1864 in the shape of a five-pointed star (goryō-kaku means 'five-sided fort'), and was designed to trap attackers in deadly crossfire. Nothing remains of the actual fort…
Museum in Hakodate

Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward

The old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward, built in 1910, is an ornate mansion awash in pale blues and yellows that reigns regally over the district. Inside are items of historical interest relating to the city, although…
Museum in Hakodate

Old English Consulate

From 1913 to 1934, this whitewashed mansion served as the British consulate. Today it's primarily used as a tea salon for sightseers in need of some afternoon respite.
Church in Hakodate

Orthodox Church

Dating from 1916, this beautiful old Russian Orthodox church is adorned with distinctive copper domes and spires.
Cemetery in Hakodate

Foreigners' Cemetery

The Foreigners' Cemetery, an interesting slice of local history, contains the graves of sailors, clergy and others who died far away from their homelands. Many of the graves are marked with English, Russian or Frenc…
Museum in Hakodate

Hakodate Museum of Northern Peoples

The Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples is a recommended place to learn about the Ainu and their culture. The exhibits are immaculate and English signage has been added to some.
Tower in Hakodate

Goryō-kaku Tower

Historic Buildings in Hakodate

Red-brick Warehouse District

Hakodate's red-brick warehouses were built around 1907 and now house food markets, cafes, shops and galleries. This extremely popular part of town sits on the waterfront between JR Hakodate Station and Motomachi. If…