Top Choice Cafe in Hagi


A tranquil rest stop near the Jōkamachi area, Hotoritei is within a large house surrounded by gardens. It mainly serves coffees, teas and cakes – try the fluffy, cream-filled matcha (green-tea) roll. There are a few…
Seafood in Hagi

Hagi Shinkai

Seating here is around a large open tank, so you can watch as the doomed fish are plucked out by the staff while you eat. There are various set-meal options, or ask for the manager-recommended Shinkai teishoku (¥108…
Noodles in Hagi

Don Don Udonya

A popular spot serving tasty udon and rice dishes. Set meals are donburi standards such as oyako-don (chicken and egg on rice). There's a cheaper morning selection. It's in a big black-and-white building on the righ…
Izakaya in Hagi


This lively izakaya specialises in dishes prepared using fresh local produce. There's a predictable seafood theme going on, with lots of sushi and sashimi to enjoy, but a range of other hot items are available.
Seafood in Hagi

Hagi Seaside Market

There's all manner of fresh and wild delights to sample here at this busy market, with plenty of eateries as well as straight-from-the-source sellers if you're planning your own barbecue somehow.
Japanese in Hagi

Dining Mameta

This smart Japanese eatery adjacent to Higashi-Hagi station happily welcomes international guests to sample its fresh local cuisine including sushi, sashimi, salads and daily specials.