Hagi attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in Hagi

Kikuya Residence

As official merchants to the daimyō, the Kikuya family's wealth and connections allowed them to build a house well above their station (they were merchants rather than samurai). This house dates from 1604 and has a …
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Hagi


East of the river, pretty Tōkō-ji, built in 1691, is home to the tombs of five Mōri lords. The stone walkways on the hillside behind the Zen temple are flanked by almost 500 stone lanterns, which were erected by the…
Mountain in Hagi


About 6km northeast of central Hagi is this 112m dormant volcano. The top has gorgeous views of the Sea of Japan and a tiny 30m-deep crater. There is also a walking track around the coast. From late February to late…
Park in Hagi


Within this park, there's not much of the old Hagi-jō to see, apart from the castle's typically imposing outer walls and the surrounding carp-filled moat. The castle was built in 1604 and dismantled in 1874 followin…
Shinto Shrine in Hagi


This shrine, with a garden and small complex, was founded in 1890 and is dedicated to Meiji Restoration movement leader Yoshida Shōin. His former residence and the school where he agitated against the shogunate in t…
Gallery in Hagi

Hagi-jō Kiln

Hagi-yaki (Hagi ceramic ware) is noted for its fine glazes and delicate pastel colours, and connoisseurs of Japanese ceramics rank it as some of the best. At a number of shops and kilns, including this one within th…
Museum in Hagi

Hagi Uragami Museum

In this appealing modern building you'll find a superb collection of ceramics and woodblock prints, with fine works by Katsushika Hokusai and Utamaro Kitagawa. There are also regular special exhibitions.
Temple in Hagi

Unrinji Temple

About 22km east of Hagi, this unique temple is dedicated to the humble moggy and features cats, cats, everywhere! Well, carved ones, anyway. Serious cat people won't mind renting a car to get out here.
Museum in Hagi

Hagi Museum

Hagi's impressive city museum features permanent displays on astrology, biology and local crafts, and hosts visiting exhibitions.
Museum in Hagi

Treasure House

A small museum that documents Meiji Restoration leader Yoshida Shōin's life and teachings with samples of his letters.