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The most convenient access to Gujō-Hachiman is via bus from Gifu (¥1520, one hour). Be sure to get off at the Jōka-machi Plaza stop, which is not the end of the line. Nōhi Bus also operates services from Nagoya (¥1850, 1½ hours) and Takayama (¥1650, 1¼ hours), but these only stop at the Gujō-Hachiman Highway Interchange on the outskirts of town.


The private Nagaragawa Tetsudō line serves Gujō-Hachiman from Mino-Ōta (¥1350, 80 minutes, hourly), with connections via the JR Takayama line to Nagoya (tokkyū ¥2320, 45 minutes; futsū via Gifu ¥1140, one hour) and Takayama (tokkyū/futsū ¥3770/1940, 1¾/three hours), but the station is located a little inconveniently: about a 20-minute walk away from the sights.

In 2016 Nagaragawa Tetsudō ( launched a new tourist train, Nagara, between Mino-Ōta and Gujō-Hachiman, with 1st-class seating, narration (in Japanese) and special French and Italian dining options (¥12,000 return). The train departs Mino-Ōta at 10.40am and arrives in Gujō-Hachiman at 12.16pm (Friday to Sunday). The ¥500 surcharge on top of the regular fare brings the total fare to ¥1850.