Top things to do in Fukuoka

Top Choice Ramen in Fukuoka


This Fukuoka-born chain (since 1993) has a nationwide following. That's as much for its serving style as for its fresh noodles and 15-second kitchen-to-table rule. Customers fill out forms (available in English) req…
Top Choice Japanese in Fukuoka


If you can't visit the rest of Kyūshū, try regional foods at this elegant izakaya. Look for dishes like karashi renkon (spicy, deep-fried lotus root) and basashi (horsemeat sashimi) from Kumamoto, grilled Shimabara …
Top Choice Ramen in Fukuoka


Fukuoka's most famous ramen chain has workmanlike and always bustling branches in Tenjin, serving the best-selling Akamaru Modern (with black-sesame oil and a fragrant umami-dama, or flavour ball), Shiromaru Classic…
Top Choice Cocktail Bar in Fukuoka


At this classy upstairs bar, mellow out over coffee cocktails such as mojitos (with homemade coffee rum and coffee ice cubes) and espresso martinis. Liqueurs macerating on shelves above the bar lend a mad-scientist'…
Top Choice Museum in Fukuoka

Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan

Spread over three machiya (traditional Japanese town houses), this folk museum recreates a Hakata nagare (neighbourhood unit) from the late Meiji era. Inside the replica buildings, artisans are frequently on hand of…
Top Choice Seafood in Fukuoka


Fish-your-own Zauo's quite a commotion and good, clean fun. Staff equip you with fishing rods, bait and nets to fish your own tai (sea bream), hirame (flounder) and more from tanks surrounding boat-shaped platforms …
Top Choice Izakaya in Fukuoka

Fish Man

Fish Man's post-industrial vibe features lacquered plywood and big windows, which show off the unconventional presentations of seafood fresh from the Nagahama market across town: kaidan-zushi (sushi served on a wood…
Top Choice Museum in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

On the upper floors of the Hakata Riverain mall, this large museum houses the world-renowned Asia Gallery, and additional galleries for special exhibitions (admission fee varies) and artists in residence. Changing e…
Clothing in Fukuoka

Hakata Japan

This chic shop, to the right as you enter Hakata Riverain, has been producing intricately woven Hakata-ori for generations. Originally supplying obi (kimono sashes), it now puts the fabrics to more modern uses inclu…
Spectator Sport in Fukuoka

Kyūshū Bashō Sumo Tournament

Held for two weeks at the Fukuoka Kokusai Centre. The main ticket sale is in October, and spectators start lining up at dawn for limited same-day tickets (tōjitsu-ken; ¥3400 to ¥15,000).