Top Choice Ramen in Fukuoka


Ichiran has been serving noodles for 39 years. Customers eat at individual cubicles, and fill out forms requesting precisely how they want their noodles prepared. Flavour strength, fat content, noodle tenderness, qu…
Top Choice Izakaya in Fukuoka

Fish Man

Fish Man's post-industrial vibe has lacquered plywood and big windows, which show off the unconventional presentations of seafood fresh from the Nagahama market across town: kaidan-zushi (sushi served on a wooden sp…
Top Choice Seafood in Fukuoka


Staff equip you with fishing rods, bait and nets to fish your own tai (sea bream), hirame (flounder) and more, from giant tanks surrounding tables on boat-shaped platforms. When you make a catch, they'll bang drums …
Ramen in Fukuoka


Has workmanlike and always bustling branches in Tenjin, serving the best-selling Akamaru Modern (with black sesame oil and a fragrant umami-dama, or flavour ball), Shiromaru Classic (with thin noodles) and Karaka (s…
Ramen in Fukuoka

Rāmen Stadium

An entire floor of eight rāmen vendors imported from the length and breadth of Japan.
Yakitori in Fukuoka

Tenjin Nobunaga

Nobunaga is raucous and rowdy, and that's just the chefs. There's no English menu but it's easy to choose from the skewers behind the counter. Another house speciality is potato-mochiage (¥420), a fried dumpling of …
Noodles in Fukuoka


Down the street from the Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan, this lovely eatery makes homemade soba (buckwheat noodles) from the Shinshū area of central Japan (around Nagano), prepared in a variety of ways including kakeso…
Sushi in Fukuoka

Sushikō Honten

Sushi here can be two completely different experiences: elegant and dignified on the 2nd floor, or served together with other dishes in a rollicking upstairs beer garden that's open year-round for dinner only and co…
Bakery in Fukuoka

Henry & Cowell

Stop for dessert at Fish Man’s adorable affiliated cake shop. It has a small selection of takeaway foods.
Korean in Fukuoka

Taigen Shokudō

Locally popular for Korean BBQ of Kagoshima beef, served from behind the counter on sizzling teppan (steel plates). A great bargain at lunchtime. There's no English menu, but order the yakiniku teishoku (set meal wi…