Cultural in Fukuoka

Hakata Gion Yamakasa Matsuri

The city's main festival is held in July, climaxing at 4.59am on the 15th, when seven groups of men converge at Kushida-jinja to race along a 5km-long course carrying huge portable shrines called yamakasa. According…
Cultural in Fukuoka

Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri

Tracing its roots to the port festival, Fukuoka's Meiji-dōri vibrates to the percussive shock of shamoji (wooden serving spoons) being banged together like castanets, with shamisen (three-stringed banjo) accompanime…
Cultural in Fukuoka

Hakozaki-gū Tamaseseri

On 3 January, two groups of young men clad in loincloths raucously chase a wooden ball in the name of good fortune at Hakozaki-gū shrine.