Top Choice Museum in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

On the upper floors of the large Hakata Riverain Centre (博多リバレイン), this large museum houses the world-renowned Asia Gallery and additional galleries for special exhibits (admission fee varies) and artists in residen…
Top Choice Museum in Fukuoka

Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan

Spread over three machiya (traditional townhouses), this folk museum recreates a Hakata nagare (neighbourhood unit) from the late Meiji era. The replica buildings house historical photos and displays of traditional …
Notable Building in Fukuoka

Canal City

Canal City shopping centre is Fukuoka's biggest mall, boasting an eponymous artificial canal with illuminated fountain symphony, hotels, a multiplex cinema, playhouse and about 250 boutiques, bars and bistros. It wa…
Historic Building in Fukuoka

Former Prefectural Hall & Official Guest House

Tenjin has historic Western-style buildings, such as the 1910 Former Prefectural Hall & Official Guest House in Tenjin Chūō-kōen.
Museum in Fukuoka

Fukuoka City Museum

This smart museum displays artefacts from local history and culture, and the pride of the collection is an ancient 2.3 sq cm, 108g golden seal with an inscription proving Japan's historic ties to China.
Observatory in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Tower

Standing above the Momochi district is the 234m-tall Fukuoka Tower, a symbol of the city and mostly hollow (its main purpose is as a broadcast tower). There's an observation deck at 123m and a cafe for soaking up th…
Garden in Fukuoka


Ōhori-kōen, a large park and pond (once part of the castle's moat) is adjacent to the castle grounds, and houses the traditional (though recently constructed) Japanese garden, Nihon-teien.
Museum in Fukuoka

Kitakyūshū Kankyō Museum

Museum in Fukuoka

Kitakyūshū Innovation Gallery & Studio

The futuristic Kitakyūshū Innovation Gallery & Studio offers changing special exhibits (varies, often ¥500) and an excellent chronology of technological innovation.
Museum in Fukuoka

Hakata Local History Museum

Kushida-jinja has displays of Hakata festival floats on the grounds, and a local history museum.