Top Choice Museum in Fukuoka

Hakata Machiya Furusato-kan

Spread over three machiya (traditional Japanese townhouses), this folk museum re-creates a Hakata nagare (neighbourhood unit) from the late Meiji era. The replica buildings house historical photos and displays of tr…
Top Choice Museum in Fukuoka

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

On the upper floors of the Hakata Riverain Centre (博多リバレイン), this large museum houses the world-renowned Asia Gallery, and additional galleries for special exhibits (admission fee varies) and artists in residence. C…
Shinto Shrine in Fukuoka


The intimate Kushida-jinja, municipal Shintō shrine of Hakata, traces its history to AD 757 and sponsors the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Matsuri, in which storeys-high floats make their way through the streets. The shrine …
Island in Fukuoka


Delightfully rural, this island has fresh seafood restaurants that line the harbour-side streets. Ferries depart hourly (¥670, 33 minutes) from Bayside Place, along with seasonal sightseeing cruises around Hakata Ba…
Buddhist Temple in Fukuoka


Tōchō-ji has Japan's largest wooden Buddha (10.8m high, 30 tonnes, created in 1992) and some impressively carved Kannon (goddess of mercy) statues. The temple is said to date from AD 806 and to have been founded by …
Buddhist Temple in Fukuoka


Shōfuku-ji is a Zen temple founded in 1195 by Eisai, who introduced Zen and tea to Japan; the nation's first tea plants are said to have been planted here. Note: its buildings are closed to the public, but tree-line…
Gardens in Fukuoka


Set within the expansive grounds of Ōhori-kōen, adjacent to the remains of Fukuoka's once-grand castle, this traditional (though recently constructed) Japanese garden boasts a beautiful main pond, a dry garden, and …
Museum in Fukuoka

Fukuoka City Museum

This smart museum displays artefacts from local history and culture. The pride of the collection is an ancient 2.3-sq-cm, 108g golden seal with an inscription proving Japan's historic ties to China.
Historic Building in Fukuoka

Former Prefectural Hall & Official Guest House

Built in 1910, this historic French Renaissance–style building can be found in Tenjin Chūō-kōen.
Gardens in Fukuoka


This pretty garden and teahouse, built by a Meiji-era merchant, offers an outdoor tea ceremony.