Fuji Five Lakes restaurants

Top Choice Japanese in Kawaguchi-ko


In this beautiful old thatched building, diners sit on the floor around traditional irori charcoal pits grilling their own meals – skewers of fish, meat, tofu and veggies. From Kawaguchi-ko Station, go west, then be…
Noodles in Kawaguchi-ko

Hōtō Fudō

Hōtō are Kawaguchi-ko's local noodles, hand-cut and served in a thick miso stew with pumpkin, sweet potato and other vegetables. It's a hearty meal best sampled at this chain with five branches around town. This is …
Tempura in Kawaguchi-ko


Load up on some delicious, deep-fried goodness pre- or post-hike at the Idaten counter, where you can watch the chefs prepare your tempura to order. Aside from Instagrammable Fujisan-themed sets (tempura arranged li…
Pub Food in Fuji-Yoshida

Michael's American Pub

Ex-New Yorker Michael has run the show here for over two decades, pouring drinks at the bar and recounting Fuji folklore while his wife cooks up authentic American dishes (burgers, pizzas) in the kitchen. As popular…
Japanese in Fuji-Yoshida

Sakurada Udon

Just off the main drag, this tiny shop is a good spot to sample the local te-uchi udon (handmade wheat-flour noodles) while sitting cross-legged on tatami. Look for the blue noren (curtains) over the door.
Izakaya in Kawaguchi-ko


Great little izakaya (pub-eatery) serving sensational whole grilled fish and various yaki-soba (fried noodles). It's off Rte 137, behind the petrol station near the Ogino supermarket.
Japanese in Fuji-Yoshida


This homely, family-run spot serves tasty Japanese dishes including udon and tempura, which you can enjoy seated Japanese-style or at a regular table.