Teppanyaki in Kawaguchi-ko


Here diners sit on the floor around traditional irori charcoal pits grilling their own meals – skewers of fish, meat, tofu and vegies. From Kawaguchi-ko Station, turn left, then left again after the 7-Eleven and aft…
Noodles in Kawaguchi-ko

Hōtō Fudō

Hōtō are Kawaguchi-ko's local noodles, hand-cut and served in a thick miso stew with pumpkin, sweet potato and other vegetables. It's a hearty meal best sampled at this chain with five branches around town. This is …
Cafe in Fuji-Yoshida

Matsuya Cafe

Stop by for well-brewed coffee, grilled-cheese sandwiches and a chat with the savvy, English-speaking owner. It's in a wooden merchant's house from the 1930s on the main drag; look for an old hanging wooden sign.
Pub Food in Fuji-Yoshida

Michael's American Pub

For traditional Americana (burgers, pizzas and brew), drop by this expat and local favourite in Gekkō-ji.
Izakaya in Kawaguchi-ko


Great little izakaya (pub-eatery) serving sensational whole grilled fish and various yaki-soba (fried noodles). It's off Rte 137, behind the petrol station near the Ogino supermarket.
Japanese in Fuji-Yoshida

Sakurada Udon

Fuji-Yoshida is famous for its te-uchi udon (chunky white flour noodles) with some 60 places serving them for lunch. Just off the main drag this is a good spot to sample the dish sitting cross-legged on tatami. Look…