Top Choice Museum in Kawaguchi-ko

Kubota Itchiku Art Museum

In an attractive Gaudí-influenced building, this excellent museum exhibits the kimono art of Kubota Itchiku (1917–2003). A small number of lavishly dyed kimonos from his life's work of continuous landscapes are disp…
Mountain in Fuji Five Lakes

Mt Fuji

Fuji is divided into 10 ‘stations’ from base (first station) to summit (10th), but most climbers start from one of the four fifth stations, reachable by road. The most popular is the Yoshida Trail, because buses run…
Brewery in Kawaguchi-ko

Ide Sake Brewery

Using the spring waters from Mt Fuji, this small-scale sake brewery has been producing Japan's favourite tipple for 21 generations. Tours (9.30am and 3pm; around 40 minutes) provide a fascinating insight into the pr…
Museum in Kawaguchi-ko

Fujisan World Heritage Center

Get up to speed on Mt Fuji at the new South Hall of this visitor centre. Its circular, beautifully designed exhibition hall features interpretive displays detailing the spiritual and geological history of the mounta…
Shinto Shrine in Fuji-Yoshida

Fuji Sengen-jinja

A necessary preliminary to the Mt Fuji ascent is a visit to this deeply wooded, atmospheric temple, which has been located here since the 8th century. Notable points include a 1000-year-old cedar; its main gate, whi…
Cave in Sai-ko

Narusawa Hyōketsu

Not for the claustrophobic, the Narusawa Hyōketsu (ice cave) was formed by lava flows from an eruption of Mt Fuji in 864. It takes about 10 minutes to walk through to the end to see the ice pillars, which are at the…
Cultural Centre in Sai-ko

Sai-ko Iyashi-no-Sato Nenba

Built in 2006 on the site of historic thatched-roof houses washed away in a typhoon 40 years earlier, these reconstructed frames offer an insight into a forgotten time. There are demonstrations of silk and paper cra…
Historic Building in Fuji-Yoshida

Togawa-ke Oshi-no-ie Restored Pilgrim's Inn

Fuji-Yoshida's oshi-no-ie (pilgrims' inns) have served visitors to the mountain since the days when climbing Mt Fuji was a pilgrimage rather than a tourist event. Very few still function as inns but Togawa-ke Oshi-n…
Viewpoint in Kawaguchi-ko

Fuji Viewing Platform

If you're a Fuji admirer but not a hiker, consider this viewing platform, a popular way to go in Kawaguchi-ko. Weather permitting, your ride up the Kachi Kachi Yama Ropeway will reward you with dramatic views from t…
Cave in Sai-ko

Fugaku Fuketsu

The Wind Cave (also known as the Lava Cave) was used to store silk-worm cocoons in the past. A combination ticket for this and Narusawa Hyōketsu is a good deal, as they're a 15-minute walk from one another.