Earth Celebration

Cultural in Sado-ga-shima

One of Sado's biggest drawcards is this three-day music, dance and arts festival, held during the third week in August. The event features okesa (folk dances), onidaiko (demon drum dances) and tsuburosashi (a phallic dance with two goddesses). However, the focal point is the performance of the Kodō Drummers, considered one of the most elite drumming groups in the world.

The Kodō Drummers live in a small village north of Ogi but spend much of the year on tour around the globe. Members are required to adhere to strict physical, mental and spiritual training regimens.

Main concerts and workshops take place in and around the village of Ogi, but optional activities and tours are scheduled all over the island.

If you're interested in attending this festival, be advised that you will need to buy tickets and arrange accommodation well in advance.