Cafe in Matsuyama

Café Bleu

This lovely little music cafe serves tasty, simple sustenance to a bookish clientele. There's a picture menu and daily specials. The decor includes photos of Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger spying on you in the bathroom…
Noodles in Matsuyama

Goshiki Sōmen

Next to the central post office is this elegant Matsuyama institution, which specialises in goshiki sōmen (thin noodles in five different colours). You'll recognise it by the piles of colourful noodles in the window…
Seafood in Uwajima


This restaurant, washed by the gentle sounds of running water, is an elegant spot to try the local tai (sea bream) specialities, available here as a tai-meshi gozen (sea bream set course; ¥1880). There is a picture …
Izakaya in Uwajima


This formal izakaya has been serving up local food for over 70 years. If you request 'Kyōdo ryōri' (郷土料理) – meaning 'local cuisine' – the friendly owner should unlock his secrets. There's usually an English-speaker …
Cafe in Uchiko

Mother Restaurant

Near the turn-off to Yōkaichi is this friendly Japanese diner that prepares a tasty two-choice lunch menu and good, strong coffee.
Izakaya in Matsuyama

Tengu no Kakurega

A chic izakaya serving yakitori and other dishes in a pleasant setting; try the omakase (chef's choice) set of grilled, skewered carnivorous delights (¥1260). Paper screens give onto a little garden at the back. Loo…
Bakery in Uwajima

Boulangerie Riz

Heavenly, light and crisp pastries and breads made with rice flour (50% – not gluten-free) are the house speciality at this bakery along the Kisaiya Road (きさいやロ−ド) shopping arcade. Enjoy a simple breakfast at the co…
Market in Uchiko

Uchiko Fresh Park Karari

Above the Oda River, this farmers market offers fresh, locally-grown produce, prepared bentō (boxed meals), regional specialities and a restaurant serving good teishoku meals. Try the Karari set and from the picture…
Japanese in Matsuyama


Near the castle ropeway, this warmly austere restaurant serves simple, beautifully balanced Matsuyama-style cuisine at reasonable prices. Rice lunch sets (¥850) change daily but are invariably skillfully prepared wi…
Cafe in Matsuyama


With a traditional shopfront along the Dōgo arcade, this former teahouse now serves as a bakery-cafe offering burgers, sandwiches and soul-satisfying coffee and tea drinks. Its shotgun-style layout leads through bea…