Cafe in Akanko Onsen

Onsen Kōbō Akan

This is brilliant: a cafe with an ashi-yu (foot bath) so you can soak your feet while sipping coffee (¥250). There's food available, too; try the 'zari-bonara' (pasta carbonara with zarigani – freshwater crayfish; ¥…
Cafe in Shari


Inside the 90-year-old Kita-Hama Station, Teishaba is decked out to look like a vintage rail car, with wood and burgundy-velour booths and rotating fans overhead. With views of both the Sea of Okhotsk and the trains…
Cafe in Kawayu Onsen

Orchard Grass

This cafe is inside historic Kawayu Station (1936), which retains much of its original character – in the form of high, wood-panelled ceilings, antique pendant lamps, stained-glass windows and an iron-and-tile stove…
Pub in Abashiri

Abashiri Bīru-kan

Traditionalists should put aside all preconceptions when visiting this brewery-restaurant. Abashiri Beer's signature brew is the Ryūhyō (drift ice) Draft, made with melted sea ice and coloured (with algae) acid blue…
Cafe in Ikeda

Moon Face Gallery & Cafe

Stop by for a coffee and to see paintings by local artists on the walls.