Tourist Information in Shiretoko National Park

Shiretoko Nature Centre

Run by the Shiretoko Nature Foundation, this is the largest visitor centre; located 5km past Utoro. Tell staff what you are up to and they will bring you up to date with the latest weather, track and bear conditions…
Tourist Information in Shiretoko National Park

Rusa Field House

This centre offers support for the truly intrepid and experienced, who plan to trek or kayak out to Shiretoko-misaki. If you have such aspirations, absolutely check in here first. Located on Rte 87, 16km northeast o…
Tourist Information in Akanko Onsen

Tourist Information Office

In the middle of the village, with bus and event schedules, hiking maps and info on accommodation and onsen – all in English. Helps with bookings, too. Rental bikes ¥500 per day.
Tourist Information in Shiretoko National Park

Rausu Visitor Centre

On the Rausu side of the peninsula on Rte 334, this centre has displays, maps and information, much of it in English. There's also a cool orca skeleton and very helpful staff.
Tourist Information in Abashiri

Tourist Information Office

English-language maps and bus schedules. There's usually someone who can speak English and help with accommodation bookings and tour information. Inside JR Abashiri Station.
Tourist Information in Kawayu Onsen

JR Mashū Station Tourist Information

In JR Mashū Station, with English maps and brochures. Staff can help with accommodation bookings. There's a free foot bath next to it.
Tourist Information in Shari

Tourist Information Centre

Maps, bus timetables and brochures inside JR Shiretoko-Shari Station.
Tourist Information in Shiretoko National Park

Shiretoko-go-ko Park Service Centre

Information and applications for the Shiretoko-go-ko Nature Trail.