Top things to do in Chūzen-ji Onsen

Waterfall in Chūzen-ji Onsen


The big-ticket attraction of Chūzen-ji is this billowing, 97m-high waterfall. Take the 1930s elevator down to a platform to observe the full force of the plunging water, or admire it from up high on the viewing plat…
Park in Chūzen-ji Onsen

Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park

The former summer residence of Italy's ambassadors (from 1928 to 1997) has a pleasant sun terrace with excellent views across Chūzen-ji lake. Walking here from the bus station takes around 25 minutes.
Shrine in Chūzen-ji Onsen


This shrine complements those at Tōshō-gū in Nikkō as part of the same UNESCO World Heritage site, and is the starting point for pilgrimages up Nantai-san. The shrine is about 1km south along the lakeshore from the …
Buddhist Temple in Chūzen-ji Onsen

Chūzen-ji Tachiki-kannon

This eponymous temple, located on the lake's eastern shore, was founded in the 8th century and houses a 6m-tall Kannon statue from that time.