Central Honshū shopping

Top Choice Glass in Matsumoto

Chikiri-ya Art & Craft Shop

Glass and pottery aficionados will find this wonderful boutique on Nakamachi-dōri a must.
Department Store in Nagoya


Enjoy the genius of Komehyō, Japan's largest discounter of secondhand, well…everything. Housed over seven floors in the main building, clothes, jewellery and accessories are of excellent quality and are sold at reas…
Mall in Karuizawa

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Just outside the south exit of JR Karuizawa Station, this gargantuan outlet shopping mall has most of the big names. Shopaholics should allocate plenty of time. As it's set among an expanse of grassland, with its ow…
Arts & Crafts in Kanazawa

Sakuda Gold Leaf Company

Here you can observe the kinpaku (gold-leaf) process and pick up all sorts of gilded souvenirs, including pottery, lacquerware and, er...golf balls. It also serves tea containing flecks of gold leaf, which is repute…
Arts & Crafts in Upper Noto Peninsula

Road Station Suzunari

In the former Suzu train station (and attached to the current Suzu bus station), this shop sells well-priced crafts and products from around the Noto region. See if you can resist ordering another helping of the van…
Arts & Crafts in Gifu

Sakaida Eikichi Honten

This high-end maker of wagasa (oiled-paper parasols/umbrellas) is a 10-minute walk from JR Gifu Station. Turn left from the south exit, then right at the second stoplight. It's on the next corner.
Market in Takayama

Miya-gawa Asa-ichi

Stalls here are primarily produce-centric, with seasonal fruit (don't miss the apples in autumn), vegetables and traditional snacks. A number of permanent storefronts offer handicrafts and souvenirs.
Arts & Crafts in Matsumoto

Nakamachi Kura-chic-kan

A pun on 'classic' in English, 'kura (storehouses)' in Japanese and 'chic' in French, Nakamachi Kura-chic-kan showcases locally produced arts and crafts on Nakamachi-dōri.
Arts & Crafts in Matsumoto

Belle Amie Doll Shop

Temari (embroidered balls) and dolls are found here, about 500m east of the station. Doll styles include Tanabata and oshie-bina (dressed in fine cloth).
Market in Takayama

Jinya-mae Asa-ichi

In front of Takayama-jinya, this market has stalls selling everything from farm-fresh produce to local arts and crafts.