Top Choice Seafood in Nagoya

Atsuta Hōraiken Honten

The head branch of this hitsumabushi chain, in business since 1873, is revered for good reason. Patrons queue during the summer peak season for hitsumabushi, eel basted in a secret tare (sauce) served atop rice in a…
Seafood in Toyama


Locals swear by this workman-like institution on the 3rd floor of Toyama Station. The staple is shiroebi ten-don (white shrimp tempura over rice, ¥730). There's a picture menu.
Seafood in Wajima


This restaurant near the Asa-ichi serves local specialities including zōsui (rice hotpot), yaki-zakana (grilled fish) and seasonal seafood, surrounded by folk crafts.
Seafood in Tokoname


Those wishing to try unagi-don (eel on rice) or Nagoya's famous hitsumabushi, should consider this cosy little diner on the Tokoname Pottery Footpath.
Seafood in Wajima

Umi-tei Notokichi

A popular local haunt for generations, you'll be hard pressed to better experience seafood elsewhere in Japan. Purists should keep it simple and go for the sashimi moriawase (sashimi of the day, ¥1500). They also do…