Cafe in Kanazawa

Full of Beans

A variety of Japanese and yōshoku (Western-style meals) are served in this stylish cafe in the quieter backstreets of Katamachi – the website will give you a sense of the vibe. It's a good place to try the Kanazawa …
Cafe in Hakuba

Sounds Like Cafe

Breakfast, lunch and lattes done Aussie-style keep the hungry minions coming back for more. It's about as authentically Western a cafe can be in Japan and the food and coffee are both top-notch.
Cafe in Ogimachi


Set around a large irori (hearth) in a 350-year-old gasshō house, this delightful cafe serves curry rice, tea and coffee.
Cafe in Takayama

iCafe Takayama

Run by the inspiring crew from Satoyama Experience in neighbouring Hida-Furukawa, this new-in-2016 cafe in the slick new-in-2016 Takayama Station is your one-stop shop for all things Hida. It's a great first port of…
Cafe in Nagano

India the Spice

This eccentric cafe is festooned with every kind of wall clock imaginable, and specialises in variations on the theme of curry; lunch set menus include omu-karē (rice wrapped in an omelette in keema curry sauce). Go…
Cafe in Hakuba

BC Hakuba

Formerly the Bamboo Cafe, on the left as you exit JR Hakuba Station, this funky modern beanery serves delicious speciality coffees, sweet treats and savoury snacks. Free wi-fi makes it a great place to log on and ge…
Cafe in Togakushi

Okusha no Chaya

By Okusha bus stop, Okusha no Chaya serves fresh soba and other staples behind a glass wall overlooking the forest. Delicious soft-serve ice cream comes in seasonal flavours such as tomato, chestnut and wasabi.
Cafe in Hida-Furukawa

Ichino-machi Cafe

Chiffon cake, melon bread and local Hida-beef curry are all items you might find on the menu at this handsome cafe within a restored traditional machiya (merchant house). Free wi-fi is a bonus.