Top Choice Noodles in Kiso-Fukushima

Kurumaya Honten

One of Japan's most renowned soba shops, the classic presentation here is cold mori (plain) or zaru (with strips of nori seaweed) with a sweetish dipping sauce. It's near the first bridge at the bottom of the hill; …
Top Choice Chinese in Kanazawa


Upstairs in Ōmi-chō Market, talented chefs from Hong Kong prepare authentic Szechuan- and Hong Kong–style dishes (including dim sum) from scratch. Healthy (yellow bean oil is used) and delicious lunch and dinner set…
Noodles in Nagoya

Sōhonke Ebisuya Honten

The massive noodle bowls at this, the head branch of one of Nagoya's best-known kishimen chains, are toasty, tasty and cheap. You can often see the noodles being made by the chef. There's a picture menu: try the kar…
Chinese in Nagoya


Folks line up for opening at this big Chinese joint where the Taiwan rāmen (台湾ラーメン) induces rapture – it's a spicy concoction of ground meat, chilli, garlic and green onion, served over noodles in a hearty clear bro…
Izakaya in Nagoya


Atmosphere seeps from this ambitious izakaya, which transformed a decrepit building into an airy urban oasis. French-influenced dishes made with seasonal ingredients might include potato croquettes in a fried tofu c…
Tonkatsu in Nagoya

Yabaton Honten

This has been the place to try Nagoya's famed miso-katsu since 1947. Signature dishes are waraji-tonkatsu (schnitzel-style flattened, breaded pork) and teppan-tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet with miso on a sizzling p…
Noodles in Matsumoto


In Nakamachi, this is one of central Japan's finest soba shops. Its owner used to run a French restaurant in Tokyo before returning to his home town. Keeping things Zen, there are two dishes: zaru-soba and kake-soba…
Izakaya in Matsumoto


This wonderfully traditional izakaya serves favourites such as oden and yakitori as well as some more challenging specialities…
Japanese in Nagano


A stone's throw from Zenkō-ji on Nakamise-dōri, unassuming Marusei serves soba and tonkatsu among others; the generous Marusei bentō (¥1350) lets you try both.
Sushi in Kanazawa

Janome-sushi Honten

Regarded for sashimi and Kaga cuisine since 1931, one of our Japanese friends says that when he eats here, he knows he's really in Kanazawa. You can't go wrong with the saabisu ranchi (lunch specials, from ¥1000).