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JR and Meitetsu highway buses operate services between Nagoya and Kyoto (¥2550, 2½ hours, hourly), Tokyo (from ¥2400, six hours, 14 daily) and Kanazawa (¥4180, four hours, 10 daily), and less frequently to Kōbe (¥3400, 3½ hours), Takayama (¥2980, 2¾ hours) and Nagano (from ¥3600, 4½ hours). Overnight buses run to Hiroshima (from ¥6400, nine hours).

Willer Express (www.willerexpress.com) offers airline-style seating and online reservations in English at heavily discounted rates. Key routes from Nagoya include Tokyo (from ¥3400, six hours, hourly) and Osaka (from ¥2200, three hours, hourly).

Departure points vary by carrier and destination, although almost all highway buses depart from somewhere in Meieki (JR Nagoya Station). Some routes also depart from Oasis 21. JR highway buses depart from the Nagoya Bus Terminal near the shinkansen (bullet-train) entrance (north side) of JR Nagoya Station.

Meitetsu highway buses depart from the Meitetsu Bus Terminal. Willer Express buses depart from a variety of locations, depending on the route. Be sure to confirm your departure location with your carrier at the time of booking.


All lines lead to Meieki (JR Nagoya Station), a hybrid terminus of the JR and private Meitetsu and Kintetsu train lines, as well as subway and bus stations. Here you'll find a labyrinthine world of passageways, restaurants and retailers, and above, the soaring JR Central Towers and Midland Square complexes. Be sure to leave plenty of time if making a rail transfer!

Nagoya is a major shinkansen (bullet-train) hub, connecting with Tokyo (¥10,360, 1¾ hours), Shin-Osaka (¥5830, 50 minutes), Kyoto (¥5070, 35 minutes), Hiroshima (¥18,010, 2¼ hours) and Hakata/Fukuoka (¥22,530, 3¼ hours).

To get into the Japan Alps, take the JR Chūō-honsen line to Matsumoto on a Shinano tokkyū (limited express; ¥6030, two hours) or onwards to Nagano (¥7330, 2¾ hours). A separate line (JR Takayama) serves Takayama (Hida tokkyū ¥6030, 2¼ hours).

The private Meitetstu line has routes in and around Nagoya (Tokonome, Inuyama, Gifu) covered.