Top ChoiceGyoza in Gifu

Gyōza Gishū

This humming hole-in-the-wall place does soupy, fried gyōza (dumplings) and ebi chahan (shrimp fried rice) – and, of course, beer. Go straight from JR Gifu Station along the street between Kinkabashi-dōri and...

Japanese in Gifu


Since 1966 this delightful restaurant has been preparing succulent Hida beef in private tatami rooms in a traditional Japanese house. On the banks of the Nagara-gawa in view of Gifu-jō, and overlooking a...

Buddhist Temple in Gifu

Shōhō-ji (Gifu Great Buddha)

The main attraction of this orange-and-white temple is the papier-mâché daibutsu (Great Buddha; c 1832), one of the three Great Buddha statues of Japan. It's 13.7m tall and is said to have been fashioned over 38...

Museum in Gifu

Nawa Insect Museum

On the grounds of Gifu-kōen is this quirky collection of more than 300,000 beetle, butterfly, moth and other insect specimens. It's the personal collection of Gifu-born entomologist Yasushi Nawa, who founded the...

Soba in Gifu


This 100-year-old shop is renowned among locals for delicious tanuki soba (buckwheat noodles topped with crunchy tempura bits left over from the deep fryer). Tanuki is the Japanese word for badger; the tenuous...

Museum in Gifu

Gifu City History Museum

Located within the grounds of Gifu-kōen, this museum focuses on the Sengoku period, when daimyō Oda Nobunaga was at the height of his power. Enthusiastic staff members are keen to show visitors wonderful DIY...

Park in Gifu


At the foot of Kinka-zan, this is one of the loveliest city parks in Japan, with plenty of water and trees set into the hillside. People have been living and working here for centuries; you can see pottery...

Arts & Crafts in Gifu

Sakaida Eikichi Honten

This high-end maker of wagasa (oiled-paper parasols/umbrellas) is a 10-minute walk from JR Gifu Station. Turn left from the south exit, then right at the second stoplight. It's on the next corner.

Castle in Gifu


Perched atop Kinka-zan and with sweeping views over the cities of Gifu and Nagoya, this castle is a 1956 concrete replica of daimyō Oda Nobunaga's stronghold, destroyed in 1600, the ruins of which were finished...

Cafe in Gifu


In Kawara-machi, this charming cafe and antiques gallery makes homemade doughnuts (from ¥200). From the bus stop, walk east along Nagarabashi-dōri and then turn right onto the second street; it's on the right in...

Bar in Gifu

Bier Hall

The friendly staff at this popular and spacious pub near the Meitetsu station will make you feel welcome. Guinness is the beer of choice and simple meals are cheap and tasty.

Cable Car in Gifu

Kinka-zan Ropeway

Gifu's castle is most easily reached by this cable car within Gifu-kōen, whisking you 329m to the summit in under five minutes.

Museum in Gifu

Nagara River Ukai Museum

This newish museum is one of a kind, featuring exhibits on everything you could possibly want to know about cormorant fishing in Japan.