Central Hokkaidō restaurants

Top Choice Bistro in Niseko

Musu Bar + Bistro

Musu offers great food, sweet service, and a lovely airy dining experience, plus easily the best cocktail menu in Niseko, with treats like the Yuzu Negroni (¥1400) or the Climber's Club (¥1400), the latter using a s…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Otaru

Kita-no Aisukurīmu-ya-san

Housed in a converted warehouse that was built in 1892, just back from the canal, this legendary Otaru ice-cream parlour scoops up some seriously 'special' ice cream flavours, such as wasabi, beer, and natto. The ik…
Barbecue in Niseko

Niseko Loft Club

Down the road from the Annupuri slopes, Loft Club glitters with fairy lights and the warm, glowing promise of a filling meal washed down with beer and lively conversation. The speciality here is yakiniku (grill-it-y…
Italian in Niseko

Niseko Pizza

This authentic family-run pizzeria headed by the affable Cezar does thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas with a mouth-watering variety of toppings (plus pastas and steaks). Bonus: it delivers. In central Hirafu, downhill f…
Soba in Niseko

Sobadokoro Rakuichi

Niseko's most famous noodle shop is also famously hard to find, though its secluded location (accessed via a wooden boardwalk) is a big part of the appeal. The other part is watching chef Tatsuri Rai behind the coun…
Sushi in Otaru

Otaru Sushi-kō

Come here for excellent sushi sets and kaisen-don (bowls of rice topped with sashimi) featuring Hokkaidō specialities such as sake (salmon), ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin) and kani (crab). Note that it often c…
Japanese in Tōya-ko


Festooned with a flower garden outside and romantic and cosy inside, Boyotei is a treat just five minutes' walk from the station. Hamburger-steaks, gratins, and other Japanese-Western food is on the menu, but it's t…
American in Niseko


A newcomer to the Niseko scene, Ginger offers American-meets-Izakaya cuisine, with Japanese takes on burgers, steaks, salads, and so on. The orange-and-black decor and light wood panels make it feel more like a sush…
Cafe in Niseko


This is Niseko's original hang-out spot in Hirafu East Village, a standby with season regulars and long-time expats for its sandwiches, omelettes and cakes. Service could be friendlier, especially at busy times, but…
Yakitori in Tomakomai

Yakitori Ton-Ton

Super tasty skewers here, primarily pork, though it does have chicken. The tsukune (chicken sausage) is divine.