Top Choice Barbecue in Niseko

Niseko Loft Club

Down the road from the Annupuri slopes, Loft Club glitters with fairy lights and the warm, glowing promise of a filling meal washed down with beer and lively conversation. The speciality here is yakiniku (grill-it-y…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Otaru

Kita-no Aisukurīmu-ya-san

Housed in a converted warehouse that was built in 1892, just back from the canal, this legendary Otaru ice-cream parlour scoops up some seriously 'special' ice cream flavours. The ika-sumi (squid ink) is actually ju…
Top Choice Cafe in Niseko


This is Niseko's original hang-out spot, in Hirafu East Village, a favourite with season regulars and long-time expats for its yummy sandwiches, omelettes and cakes. You won't find a better breakfast in Niseko than …
Soba in Niseko

Sobadokoro Rakuichi

Niseko's most famous noodle shop is also famously hard to find, though its secluded location (accessed via a wooden boardwalk) is a big part of the appeal. The other part is watching chef Tatsuri Rai behind the coun…
Seafood in Otaru


Housed in a crumbling brick warehouse laced with vines of ivy, this bar-restaurant (once the storehouse of a fabulously wealthy merchant) was a source of inspiration for a controversial essay by local author Takiji …
Sushi in Otaru

Otaru Sushi-kō

Come here for excellent sushi sets and kaisen-don (bowls of rice topped with sashimi) featuring Hokkaidō specialities such as sake (salmon), ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin) and kani (crab). Note that it often c…
Ramen in Noboribetsu Onsen

Aji no Daiō

Noboribetsu's landmark ramen shop serves up fiery red 'jigokudani' noodles that would make the local oni (devils) proud. Entry level is a totally manageable kick; you can add ¥50 to step it up a notch, all the way t…
Italian in Niseko

Niseko Pizza

This authentic family-run pizzeria headed by the affable Cezar does thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas with a mouth-watering variety of toppings (plus pastas and steaks). Bonus: it delivers. In central Hirafu, downhill f…
Cafe in Niseko

Jojo's Café & Restaurant

Atop the Niseko Adventure Centre (NAC), Jojo's offers typical casual fare, like burgers, filling salads, wraps and nachos. The terrace has a spot-on view of Yōtei-zan and there's a play area for kids.
Sweets in Niseko

Milk Kōbō

On the road up to Niseko Village, this popular complex brings together a number of Hokkaidō's signature dairy products under one roof: ice cream, yoghurt, cheese tarts and cream puffs, plus espresso drinks made with…