Bizen attractions

Top Choice Arts Centre in Bizen


This kiln and gallery-shop is run by the Kimura family, one of the six original families granted official permission in the early 1600s to produce pottery in the Bizen region. It's possible to take a free tour of th…
Historic Building in Bizen

Shizutani Gakko

The first public school in Japan, Edo-era Shizutani Gakko has wood interiors with glossy lacquered floors and beautifully preserved Bizen-yaki roof tiles. Its gardens are especially picturesque in spring. The school…
Ruins in Bizen


Tempogama is a large kiln ruin (c 1832), a short walk up a lane leading off Imbe's main street of shops and galleries. The kiln is fenced off for protection. Look for the red iron roofing.
Shinto Shrine in Bizen


This understated, pretty wooden shrine sits among the trees and bamboo groves of the hills behind Imbe.
Shinto Shrine in Bizen


A simple shrine in a leafy setting, decorated with Bizen-yaki (Bizen pottery) figures of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. To get there, exit Imbe Station and follow the road opposite to the end, then turn right an…
Museum in Bizen

Okayama Prefectural Bizen Ceramics Art Museum

This ceramics-focused museum exhibits pieces from the Muromachi (1333–1568) and Momoyama (1568–1600) periods, plus work by several modern artists who have been designated 'Living National Treasures'.
Gallery in Bizen

Friends of Bizen-yaki Ceramics Society

Gallery and shop on the 2nd floor of the Imbe station building, displaying a wide range of ceramics by contemporary potters.