Top things to do

Top Choice Gyoza in Beppu

Gyōza Kogetsu

This seven-seat counter shop with a manic local following has only two things on the menu, both ¥600 – generous plates of gyōza (dumping) perfection fried to a delicate crunch, and bottles of beer. It's in the tiny …
Top Choice Cafe in Beppu

Real Point

If a tepee in the middle of Beppu's urban sprawl doesn't pique your curiosity, nothing will. This eclectic cafe has hand-brewed coffees, soy lattes, teas, occasional barbecue parties, and even ukulele lessons. This …
Top Choice Museum in Beppu

Beppu Traditional Bamboo Crafts Centre

This hands-on crafts centre displays refined works from Edo-period masters as well as current examples of uses for this versatile material, which grows copiously in the region. If you'd like to try your hand at craf…
Top Choice Japanese in Beppu

Jigoku Mushi Kōbō

Amid the hells of Kannawa, you can cook your own meal in onsen steam in this workshop. Purchase ingredients on the spot (or bring your own), and steam them in kama (vats) roiling from the onsen below.
Top Choice Cafe in Beppu


A few minutes from the station's west exit and dating back to 1926, this kindly kissaten also serves a renowned dangojiru loaded with veggies and best enjoyed while viewing the piney garden or sitting at the giant c…
Bakery in Beppu

Tomonaga Panya

This charming but busy historic bakery has been in business since 1916, and people still queue for its ever-changing selection of oven-fresh breads and pastries. The wanchan (doggie) bun (¥110) is filled with custar…
Cafe in Beppu

Kissa Natsume

This retro snack and dessert spot in the covered arcade is best known for its own onsen kōhī (¥550), coffee made with hot-spring water. Look for the wooden barrel above the door. The pet soft-shelled turtle has been…
Seafood in Beppu

Fugu Matsu

This friendly shop has been serving simple fugu since 1958. Sit on hori-kotatsu seating and chow on sashimi, karaage (fried fugu) and hirezake (sake boiled with a grilled fugu fin). Reservations are required.
Hot Springs in Beppu


Beppu's most hyped attraction is the jigoku meguri (hell circuit), where waters bubble forth from underground with unusual results. Unlike Unzen, where the geothermal wonders are unadorned, the circuit's eight stops…
Arts & Crafts in Beppu

Chikugōgei Yamashō

For over a century, the must-have souvenir for Japanese holidaymakers in Beppu was everyday-use bamboo products (such as baskets); nowadays the trend is toward art pieces. Yamashō offers a wide variety of this craft…