Nakabusa Onsen

Top choice ryokan in Azumino

This rambling resort with indoor and outdoor onsen at the end of a twisting valley road to nowhere will delight anyone seeking a peaceful retreat. The older honkan (main building) has basic rooms, while the newer bekkan (annexe) is more comfortable. In late autumn gawk at stunningly colourful foliage from deep in the valley.

Day trippers can use one of the smaller rotemburo (¥700) between 9.30am and 4pm. Enquire at the Tourist Information Center for info on the limited buses (¥1700, one hour) from Azumino, or rent a car (and bring nerves of steel). This place is extremely remote. Nakabusa Onsen is also the trailhead for a stunningly steep climb up to Otensho-dake (大天井岳; 2922m) and Tsubakuro-dake (燕岳; 2762m).