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Top Choice Mountain in Aso-san Area


The Five Mountains of Aso are the smaller mountains within the outer rim: Eboshi-dake (1337m); Kijima-dake (1321m); Naka-dake (1506m); Neko-dake (1408m), furthest east; and the highest, Taka-dake (1592m). Access roa…
Top Choice Grill in Aso-san Area

Takamori Dengaku-no-Sato

A fantastic thatch-roofed ex-farmhouse, where around your own irori embedded in the floor the staff use oven mitts to grill dengaku (skewers of vegetables, meat, fish and tofu covered in the namesake sweet miso past…
Volcano in Aso-san Area

Naka-dake Crater

Naka-dake is the active volcano: very active in recent years, with fatal eruptions occurring in 1958 and 1979, and other significant eruptions in 1989, 1990, 1993 and 2016. Access to the crater area may be closed of…
Shinto Shrine in Aso-san Area


Dedicated to the 12 gods of the mountain, this shrine is about a 1.3km walk north of JR Miyaji Station, and is one of only three shrines in Japan with its original gate. The drinking water here is so delicious that …
Gorge in Aso-san Area

Sensui Gorge

In mid-May this gorge boasts a dramatic carpet of azalea blooms. Ask at tourist information offices about trail conditions before setting out. Due to earthquake damage in 2016, this area was inaccessible at the time…
Museum in Aso-san Area

Aso Volcano Museum

This unique museum has a real-time video feed from inside the active crater, informative English-language brochures and audioguides (free), and a video presentation of Aso locals showing off.
Cable Car in Aso-san Area

Cable Car

If Naka-dake is behaving, this cable car whisks you up to the crater’s edge in just four minutes. During times of increased volcanic activity the crater and cable car may be closed off.
Viewpoint in Aso-san Area

Daikanbō Lookout

If you’re driving, Daikanbō Lookout is one of the best places to take in views, but it’s often crowded with tour buses.
Viewpoint in Aso-san Area

Shiroyama Tembōdai Lookout

The Shiroyama Tembōdai Lookout (Yamanami Hwy) is a nice alternative to the more-crowded Daikanbō Lookout.
Japanese in Aso-san Area


Cute shop known for dangojiru (miso soup with thick-cut noodles) and takana ryōri (dishes using mustard greens), beneath a ceiling strung with traditional ceramic bells. It's on Hwy 57, opposite the Villa Park Hotel…