Top Choice Japanese in Kawaguchi-ko


In this beautiful old thatched building, diners sit on the floor around traditional irori charcoal pits grilling their own meals – skewers of fish, meat, tofu and veggies. From Kawaguchi-ko Station, go west, then be…
Top Choice Noodles in Kamakura


Dinner reservations are recommended for this upscale soba restaurant in a lovely old house. Try the goma seiro soba (al dente noodles served cold with sesame dipping sauce). Dine alfresco or indoors where you can wa…
Top Choice Kaiseki in Nikkō


Splash out on deluxe spreads of vegetarian shōjin-ryōri (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine), featuring local bean curd and vegetables served in delectable ways, or the kaiseki courses that include fish. The elegant tatami…
Top Choice Japanese in Shimoda


Elegant, understated ambience and fantastic seafood. The isōjiru soup is made from more than a dozen varieties of shellfish and looks like a tide pool in a bowl. The sashimi-don (rice bowl), not on the English menu,…
Top Choice Shokudo in Matsuzaki

Mingei Sabō

Generous seafood sets come with sashimi, perfectly grilled fish and multiple tiny appetisers at this traditional restaurant beside the little port (go for the lunch set '美味しいランチ' for ¥1620). From the Matsuzaki bus s…
Top Choice International in Kisami

South Cafe

It's well worth dragging yourself away from the beach for the tasty sandwiches, burgers, salads and curries (not to mention the must-have brownies) at this stylish diner. The drip coffee (with free refills) is also …
Top Choice Japanese in Yokohama


Yokohama has its own version of the beef hotpot dish sukiyaki, called gyū-nabe. This elegant restaurant, established in 1895, is the place to sample it.
Japanese in Narita

Kawatoyo Honten

Sample unagi (freshwater eel) here, grilled on hot coals and served in lacquered boxes over rice. Eel numbers have plunged in recent years, and the species is endangered, but if you are keen to sample this Narita sp…
Japanese in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Itoh Dining by Nobu

Savour premium Japanese beef, cooked teppanyaki-style in front of you by the chef, at this elegant restaurant, an outpost of the celeb chef Nobu's dining empire. It's just uphill from Koenshimo station on the funicu…
Soba in Kamakura


Popular with Japanese celebrities, this rustic little restaurant specialises in handmade ju-wari (100% soba), including kamo seiro (cold soba in hot broth) with wild duck imported from France. Opening hours can be e…