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Getting There & Away

The greater Tokyo area is well served by trains going to and from the city; it's not as easy to get between places without having to double back to a transit hub. Useful train lines:

JR Chuō line Runs west from Tokyo; transfer at various stations for connecting trains to Takao-san, Oku-Tama and Fuji Five Lakes. The Chuō line continues on to destinations in Nagano prefecture, but it's a long ride.

JR Tokaidō main line Runs south from Tokyo to Yokohama, then southwest to Odawara (transfer for trains to Hakone) and Atami, the gateway to the Izu Peninsula. Both Odawara and Atami are also stops on the Tokaidō Shinkansen (bullet train), which continues west to Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima.

Odakyu line Runs southwest from Shinjuku, on the west side of Tokyo, to Hakone.

JR Yokosuka line Runs south from Tokyo to Kamakura via Yokohama.

Tobu Nikkō line Runs north from Asakusa, on the east side of Tokyo, to Nikkō.

For direct access to Mt Fuji, express buses, which depart from Shinjuku, are the most convenient.

The Izu Islands are a ferry, hydrofoil or plane ride away, either from Tokyo or towns along the Izu Peninsula. The only way to get to the Ogasawara Archipelago is via a 24-hour-long ferry trip from Tokyo.