Tourist Information in Shimoda

Sun Lovers Cafe

Free wi-fi, an English-language book swap, tourist info, kids' playroom and light meals.
Tourist Information in Shimoda

Shimoda Tourist Association

Pick up the useful Shimoda Guidebook (¥840), a free walking map and book accommodation. In the port area near the harbour museum; English is spoken. There's another office in the city centre where no English is spok…
Tourist Information in Hakone-Yumoto

Hakone-Yumoto Tourist Information Center

Make your first stop at the most clued-up of several tourist information centres scattered around Hakone. This is the best place for maps and information about hiking trails and all the attractions. Staffed by helpf…
Tourist Information in Nikkō

Tōbu Nikkō Station Tourist Information Desk

At the Nikkō train station, there’s a small information desk where you can pick up a town map and get help in English to find buses, restaurants and hotels.
Tourist Information in Fuji-Yoshida

Fuji-Yoshida Tourist Information Center

Next to Fujisan (Mt Fuji) train station, the clued-up staff can provide info on climbing, and brochures and maps of the area.
Tourist Information in Kawaguchi-ko

Kawaguchi-ko Tourist Information Center

Next to Kawaguchi-ko Station. English is spoken and it has maps and brochures.
Post in Yokohama

Yokohama Port Post Office

International ATM and parcel/post facilities.
Post in Nikkō

Post Office

Has an international ATM.
Post in Nikkō

Nikkō Post Office

Has an international ATM.
Tourist Information in Nikkō

Kyōdo Center Tourist Information Office