Top Choice Factory in Arita

Kouraku Kiln

This fascinating pottery factory has something for everyone: you can try making simple pottery on the throwing wheel (which can be fired and mailed to you within Japan); you can stay here longer in a residency to le…
Top Choice Museum in Arita

Kyūshū Ceramic Museum

About five minutes on foot from Arita Station, this large, hilltop operation is the best ceramics museum in the region. The Shibata Collection comprehensively showcases the development and styles of Kyūshū's many ce…
Gallery in Arita

Imaemon Gallery

Stunning works of art are on display in the gallery of one of Japan's living national treasures. The adjoining shop is open daily, even when the gallery is closed.
Factory in Arita

Kakiemon Kiln

This kiln is one of Arita's don't-miss sights. The wood-fired kiln produces a particular kind of porcelain, known (not surprisingly!) as Kakiemon-ware.