East of Arita, this hot-spring town has a 1300-year history and is said to have refreshed the armies of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Its oldest existing bathing building (Moto-yu; 1870) is a simple wooden hall with hot and very hot pools separated by gender. Sagino-yu has more modern facilities: sauna, rotemburo (outdoor baths) and kashikiri (private reservable baths), useful for families and couples.

The town's impressive lacquered Chinese-style entrance gate, Sakura-mon, was built without nails.

The bathing areas are a 15-minute walk west of Takeo Onsen Station’s north exit. It's a 16-minute ride from Arita Station (¥260), or you can pay ¥1100 for a tokkyū (Midori Huis Ten Bosch) and get there two minutes faster.