Top things to do

Island in Aoshima

Aoshima Island

The first thing you'll notice as you cross the water to the island of Aoshima is the unique geological feature surrounding it. Called the devil's washboard (oni no sentaku-ita; 鬼の洗濯板), it looks just like a washboard…
Shinto Shrine in Aoshima


On the island of Aoshima, this shrine is reputedly good for matchmaking.
Gorge in Aoshima

Kaeda Gorge

West of town, an 8km-long, well-maintained hiking path winds through Kaeda Gorge (加江田渓谷) following the Kaeda-gawa, a refreshingly clear stream filled with boulders and excellent swimming holes. Lush foliage includes…
Seafood in Aoshima

Minato Aoshima

Overlooking the port, owned and run by the local fisherman's collective, this take-your-shoes-off spot offers some of the finest and freshest seafood that Aoshima has to offer. Most meals are sets, including several…
Museum in Aoshima

Legend of Hyūga Hall

The Legend of Hyūga Hall tells the story of Amaterasu, Emperor Jimmu and the founding of Japan in wax-museum-style dioramas with English explanations.
Gardens in Aoshima

Miyako Botanic Garden Aoshima

On the land side, this impressive garden boasts 64 different species of fruit trees.