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From Aomori Airport, 11km south of the city centre, there are flights to and from Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo and Seoul. Airport buses (¥700, 35 minutes) are timed for flights and depart from stop 11 in front of JR Aomori Station.


Sii Line ferries depart at least twice daily for Wakinosawa on the Shimokita Peninsula (¥2610, one hour) from Aomori-kō Ryokyaku Fune Terminal (青森港旅客船ターミナル).

Tsugaru Kaikyō operates eight ferries daily between Aomori and Hakodate (from ¥2020, 3½ hours) year-round. Ferries depart from Aomori Ferry Terminal (青森フェリーターミナル) on the western side of the city, a 10-minute taxi ride (around ¥2000) from JR Aomori Station. The Nebutan Gō shuttle also stops there.


JR highway buses connect Aomori to Sendai (¥6000, five hours) and Tokyo (from ¥9000, 9½ hours). Alight at the JR highway bus stop outside Aomori JR train station.

Aomori city buses depart from stop 11 for Hakkōda (¥1100, one hour) and Towada-ko (¥3090, three hours); schedules vary seasonally and are infrequent during winter. See

Car & Motorcycle

The Tōhoku Expressway (東北自動車道) runs between Tokyo and greater Aomori.

Toyota Rent a Car can be found outside the west exit of the Shin-Aomori shinkansen station and also has branches a few blocks from JR Aomori Station.


The Tōhoku shinkansen runs roughly every hour from Tokyo Station, via Sendai and Morioka, to the terminus at Shin-Aomori Station (¥17,350, 3¼ hours).

Futsū (local) trains on the JR Ōu main line connect Aomori with Shin-Aomori (¥190, five minutes) and Hirosaki (¥670, 50 minutes). A few JR Tsugaru tokkyū (limited express) trains run daily between Aomori and Akita (¥5400, three hours) on the same line.

Hourly tokkyū (limited express) trains run on the JR Tsugaru-Kaikyō line between Aomori and Hakodate on Hokkaidō (¥3240, two hours), via the Seikan Tunnel.

One daily kaisoku (rapid train) on the JR Ōminato line connects Aomori and Shimokita (¥2700, 1½ hours). Otherwise take a futsū train on the private Aoimori Tetsudō line and transfer at Noheji for the JR Ōminato line (¥2180, 1¾ hours).