Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Yoron-tō

Yoron Minzoku-mura

At the island's southeastern tip, the excellent Yoron Minzoku-mura is a collection of traditional thatch-roof island dwellings and storehouses that contain exhibits on the island's culture and history. If at all pos…
Beach in Amami-Ōshima


With forest rolling down to white sand and turquoise water, the gorgeous Ōhama-kaihin-kōen is popular for swimming, snorkelling, sea kayaking and fishing. As it's the closest beach to Naze, it can get crowded during…
Beach in Yoron-tō


On the northeast coast, Terasaki-kaigan represents the archetypical Amami beach, with its white sand, rocky outcrops and aquamarine water.
Museum in Amami-Ōshima


Though most displays are in Japanese, there's enough multimedia here to make this cultural and natural-history museum engaging, even if finer details are lost. Short films documenting island traditions, musical exhi…
Izakaya in Okinoerabu-jima

Mōri Mōri

This super-friendly izakaya in Wadomari offers small dishes such as gōyā champurū (bitter melon stir-fry; ¥500). See if you can break the local beer-chugging record, which stands at under three seconds. It's a littl…
Izakaya in Okinoerabu-jima

Head towards the port from town, and on the main road after the bridge you'll spy an ersatz waterwheel in front of a corner restaurant. Step inside and you'll find a friendly izakaya serving interesting local specia…
Cafe in Yoron-tō

Umi Café

This delightful terraced gallery-cafe with ocean views is something you'd expect to find perched on a Greek cliff; it's no surprise to find chicken gyros (¥700) on the menu. Go to the village office at the top of th…
Izakaya in Amami-Ōshima


An atmospheric izakaya in downtown Naze, Hokorashi-ya dishes up toothsome Amami specialities such as aosa-no-tempura (fish-and-shellfish cakes fried in a freshwater seaweed batter; ¥600) and a regional chāhan (fried…
Viewpoint in Tokunoshima


On a point on the northwest coast of the island, this collection of bizarrely eroded upthrust coral includes a formation that resembles a giant pair of spectacles. Blink and you'll miss the sign on the main road abo…
Okonomiyaki in Amami-Ōshima

Okonomiyaki Mangetsu

Locals pile in for the excellent okonomiyaki (batter and cabbage cakes cooked on a griddle) at this excellent Naze eatery. For carnivores, we recommend the kurobuta mix (pork-shrimp-squid mix; ¥1260), and for veggie…