Top Choice Museum in Yoron-tō

Yoron Minzoku-mura

At the island's southeastern tip, the excellent Yoron Minzoku-mura is a collection of traditional thatch-roofed island dwellings and storehouses that contain exhibits on the island's culture and history. If at all p…
Park in Amami-Ōshima

Ōhama Seaside Park

With forest rolling down to white sand and turquoise water, the Ōhama-kaihin-kōen park complex is best known for its lovely beach, which is popular for swimming, snorkelling, sea kayaking and fishing. As it's the cl…
Museum in Amami-Ōshima


Though most displays are in Japanese, there's enough multimedia here to make this cultural and natural-history museum engaging, even for non-Japanese speakers. Musical exhibits, short films documenting island custom…
Beach in Yoron-tō


The popular Oganeku-kaigan is Yoron-tō's best beach, located on the eastern side of the island. About 500m offshore from here lies Yurigahama (百合ヶ浜), a stunning stretch of white sand that disappears completely at hi…
Beach in Amami-Ōshima

Sakibaru Beach

This stunner of a beach lies about 4.5km up a point of land just north of Kise (about 20km northeast of Naze). Take a Sani-bound bus from Amami and get off at Kiseura (¥950), and then walk. If you're driving, it's m…
Cave in Okinoerabu-jima


On the southwest slopes of Ōyama (the mountain at the west end of the island), you will find this brilliant limestone cave with 600m of walkways, disco-era illumination, and narration in Japanese. It's a few kilomet…
Beach in Tokunoshima


About 9km north of the airport at the northwestern tip of the island, Mushiroze is an interesting collection of wave-smoothed rocks that makes a great picnic spot. On stormy days, tread carefully, as the incoming wa…
Beach in Amami-Ōshima


It's easy to get to this beach, which offers brilliant white sand and some great snorkelling with a channel leading outside the reef. It's about 3km north of the airport. Take a Sani-bound bus from Naze and get off …
Beach in Yoron-tō


On the northeast coast, Terasaki-kaigan represents the archetypical Amami beach, with its white sand, rocky outcrops and aquamarine water.
Beach in Tokunoshima

Aze Prince Beach Kaihin Park

Near the Aze/Fruits Garden bus stop on the northeast coast, this excellent beach is backed by a simple park area.