Japanese in Kakunodate

Nishi-no-miyake Restaurant Kita-kura

This sprawling former residence houses a restaurant in a century-old warehouse towards the back of the complex. Here, diners sit under hulking wooden rafters, tucking into classic yōshoku (Japanese-style Western foo…
Soba in Kakunodate


Kakunodate's most historic lunch spot is this Edo-era wooden schoolhouse, almost 250 years old! The house specialty is buke-soba served with takenoko (bamboo) and tempura-fried ōba (large perilla leaf). It's in the …
Japanese in Akita


This upmarket traditional restaurant does good renditions of classic local dishes like kiritanpo-nabe, a filling hotpot of kneaded and grilled rice (the kiritanpo) and vegetables in a chicken and soy-sauce broth. Th…
Udon in Akita

Kanbun Gonendō

Sample delicate, fresh inaniwa udon (thin wheat noodles) at this popular specialty shop. They're particularly refreshing on a hot day served cold with soy sauce and sesame dipping sauces. Vegetarian dishes are avail…
Chinese in Kakunodate

Chūka-ryōri Yūro

This spotless restaurant feels like an art gallery, with beautiful Japanese prints lining the walls. Leave your shoes at the door and venture upstairs where you'll be greeted by the cheery owners and treated to mout…
Tonkatsu in Akita

Tonkatsu Ichiban-tei

If you're a schnitzel-loving carnivore, you're most likely also a katsu-loving carnivore. If so, you should eat here in this spotless establishment, when you're in Akita. It's adjacent to the station in the Topico b…
Cafe in Akita

Cafe Pamplemousse

Occupying a lovely riverside spot adjacent to a little park, this genial cafe makes cakes and pancakes better than grandma ever did. Well, that's not possible, but you get the drift.