Akita Prefecture restaurants

Soba in Kakunodate


The best noodles in town are found in this 250-year-old Edo-era wooden schoolhouse. The house speciality is buke-soba served with takenoko (bamboo shoots) and tempura-fried ōba (large Japanese basil leaf). Little ha…
Izakaya in Akita

Nagaya Sakaba

Rebuilt after a 2017 fire, Nagaya Sakaba is easy to spot due to the massive Namahage demons above the entrance. Sake flows freely once you've negotiated the Japanese-only menu. If in doubt, just shout 'osusume' (rec…
Udon in Akita

Kanbun Gonendō

This bright, well-regarded shop specialises in inaniwa udon, a thin chewy wheat noodle that originated in Akita Prefecture in the 1600s. Locals seek out the delicacy, often served cold with various sauces, while on …
Soba in Tazawa-ko

Soba Goro

The line of locals out the door at lunchtime is testament to the popularity of this small restaurant, tucked inside a grocery store opposite the Tazawa-ko JR station. The menu is simple – soba noodles, hot or cold, …
Cafe in Tazawa-ko


Delicious, organic lakeside cafe known for its starring role in a Korean film. Salads, soups and locally made Kohan No Mori beer make for a very satisfying lunch – with the added bonus of expansive water views.
Cafe in Akita

Cafe Pamplemousse

This peculiar concept cafe enjoys a lovely riverside locale and is run by a busy young team of foodies who specialise in desserts, fancy teas and organic produce. The cafe's signature dish is an enormous fluffy panc…
Japanese in Akita

Hinai Jidoriya

Yummy oyako-don (chicken and egg on rice) set meals are the pick of this busy train station restaurant, plus a decent crack at the local hotpot speciality (kani; crab) often sold for far more yen elsewhere in town. …
Japanese in Kakunodate


Halfway between the train station and the sightseeing district, this samurai house has been partly converted into a stylish cafe. The menu spans the ages, but mostly serves elegant yōshoku (Japanese-style Western fo…
Japanese in Kakunodate

Sakura no Sato

This buzzing tourist restaurant has a range of plastic dishes on display for point-and-smile ordering. No award-winning dishes here – mostly don sets (meat on rice) – but it's right near the main sights and the food…
Tonkatsu in Akita

Tonkatsu Ichiban-tei

Finding a decent tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) joint can be a transcendental – or at least rather comforting – Japanese culinary moment. Ichiban is number one in town and has a picture menu. Look for the pig sta…