Akanko Onsen restaurants

Top Choice Ainu in Akanko Onsen


Poronno, inside the Ainu kotan, has the most interesting menu of the restaurants in town specialising in Ainu cuisine. You can try yukku ruibe (frozen, preserved venison) and dried salmon or pizza with pochie (ferme…
Noodles in Akanko Onsen

Hyaku Mian

Simple but tasty soba, ramen, or udon at a spot that's open later than most in this tiny town. Choose tatami seating or tables, and if you're lucky it will have the sumo match on.
Ainu in Akanko Onsen

Marukibune Akanko-ten

A branch of Kussharo-ko's Ainu restaurant Marukibune, inside Akanko Onsen's Ainu kotan, with venison and other Ainu specialties.