A Canine Love Story

Just outside Aka-jima port stands a statue of a dog named Shiro.

As the story goes, Shiro's family lived on Zamami-jima before moving to Aka-jima. After his family relocated to Aka, they discovered, after repeated disappearances, that Shiro had been swimming the 3km across sometimes rough seas to visit his canine companion Marilyn on Zamami, after which he'd make the return trip to his family.

Shiro's devotion became famous among the islanders, who would spot him paddling between the two islands. As the story goes, Shiro and Marilyn had three litters of puppies together, and after Shiro died, the people on Aka collected the funds to build a monument to his memory.

On the western side of Zamami you'll find a matching monument of Marilyn sitting, looking out across the water, waiting for her love.

Ain't love grand!