Tandem Paragliding

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Tour description

If you are looking for something unique to do while you visit Japan, how about getting a bird’s eye view of Yamaguchi's beautiful mountainous terrain, while enjoying a Tandem Paragliding flight. 

What You Can Expect on your Paragliding Tandem flight is relatively straightforward.Gliding begins from 11 am and lasts until 5:30 pm during weekdays or 10 am– 5:30 pm on weekends. There is a safety briefing before the tandem flight. Transportation up the mountain is provided for the Paragliding trip. They will explain everything you need to know for a safe tandem flight.  Depending on the weather, after a 10–30 min flight, you will start to prepare for landing. The landing area is a very large and gives ample room for a safe landing.Now for the good stuff!Once we get to the top of the mountain you will be bucked up in the harness with your pilot; you will start your take off into the air by running down a gentle slope until your canopy catches the wind. From there on movement is smooth and graceful there is no sensation of falling (as you might imagine)just the feeling of airborne freedom. Along with beautiful views, there is absolutely no noise, so you are free as a bird to glide and soar above the ground in silence.Finally, the cost of the Tandem paragliding experience is 16,000 which includes transportation to and from the paragliding site.  When booking just make the deposit of 6,000 yen and pay the difference of 10,000 yen on the day of your flight.  

What's included

  • Transport by private vehicle to and from paragliding site.
  • There is drink vending machine at paragliding site.

What's not included

  • Food and drinks
  • 11,000 yen Cost of Tandem Flight will need to be paid on the day of the trip.