Soba Buckwheat Noodle Making Tour in Tokyo

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Tour description

Learn Soba buckwheat noodle making and try your own made Soba noodle. [The venue: Traditional Soba restaurant, ”YANAKA Soba” in YANAKA noted for its nostalgic townscape] Forty years experienced Soba chef, the restaurant’s owner spoon-feeds you!!(dough making,mixing,rolling and cutting the noodles) After the lesson you can try both your own made Soba and the other one made by the chef!!

40 years experienced Soba chef spoon-feeds you how to make this traditional Japanese noodle dates back to the early Edo Period!!(dough making,mixing,rolling and cutting the noodles) This program, held in the Soba noodle restaurant of "YANAKA Soba" noted for its authentic style and great tasting, is very popular among the locals!! Since the Soba chef, owner of the "YANAKA Soba" spares nothing for a fine Soba, its work routine of making Soba begins with grinding husked buckwheat berries with stone mill.(This lesson includes an observation of the grinding process) Buckwheat flour ground by stone mills will create the top quality SOBA noodle. Roller mills are usually used for making buckwheat flour,but,the heat generated by rollers rotating at high speed spoils flavor of SOBA. That's why,the restaurant grinds buckwheat slowly and carefuly using stone mill to make great tasting SOBA flour. And,this restaurant uses only domestic buckwheat from specified buckwheat fields for its high quality. More specifically,they use the top quality husked buckwheat berries organically grown around the area of Lake Towada.(Lake Towada located on the border between Aomori and Akita prefectures in the Tohoku region.) The skillful art of Soba noodle making using carefully made buckwheat flour makes up the great tasting Soba noodle having excellent feeling of smooth throat pass!! After making Soba noodle, you'll try your own Soba sitting comfortably in a reserved seat!! Moreover, it’s coming with complimentary two side-dishes and dessert!! Specifically, 海老天Ebiten(Prawn deep-fried in batter), 蕎麦豆腐Soba-Dofu(Buckwheat tofu), 蕎麦アイスSoba-ice(Ice cream sprinkled with buckwheat berries) And then, your thoughts go to the history of Japanese Soba noodle relaxing in spacious place!! [Soba history] Traditionally rooted in Japanese food culture, soba noodle is served at wide variety places such as teahouses for travellers. (A pieceof Ukiyo-e (Multicolored woodblock prints) produced by Katsushika Hokusai (1760~1849) shows a scene of travellers having Soba noodle in a teahouse. ⇒See the photo) SOBA’s cultural ties to traditional Japanese customs are evident in Toshikoshisoba eaten on new year’s eve to bring longevity and prosperity.

What's included

  • Professional guide
  • Lesson fee(instruction by chef and assistant,ingredient etc.
  • Rental outfit for Soba making
  • Hotel pickup(only the 23 wards of Tokyo)

What's not included

  • Transportation to/from attractions(From your hotel to Nezu station)