Maiko Makeover - Photo Session in the Traditional Japanese Room Plan in Kyoto

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Enjoy a traditional Japanese house as a maiko.  A maiko experience in a real teahouse  (place where geiko entertain their guests) in the Gion district established in the Taisho Era (1912-1926). The main sightseeing spots in Kyoto Higashiyama are within a 10-minute walk so when you leave the shop, you can see the Kyoto-like townscape.You don't need to prepare anything. Please leave everything to the staff. You will receive four 2L-size (127×178mm) photos. 
【HIGHLIGHTS】 • Change into a maiko with Japanese makeup, a gorgeous kimono and a brilliant hair ornament.  • The photographer, who knows the essence of the beauty of maiko, will take pictures in a Japanese tatami room.  • Walk around in Kyoto with sandals that only maiko wear.  【SCHEDULE】 Arrival→Turn into a maiko→Photography・Walking→Pick up・Receive the album→End 【DETAILS】The place of the maiko experience is only 1-minute walk away from the South Romon gate of the Yasaka Shrine. It used to be a real teahouse  (place where geiko entertain their guests) in the Gion district established in Taisho Era (1912-1926). The main sightseeing spots are within a 10-minute walk from the shop.When you come to the shop you will be immediately turned into a maiko. After putting on special underwear for a kimono, Japanese makeup will follow. And last you can change into your favorite gorgeous kimono.You can then select a Japanese hair ornament that matches your style.The photoshoot is in a tatami room in a Japanese house. Our professional and experienced photographer, who knows the essence of the beauty of maiko, will take the best photos of you.After the photoshoot, it is time to walk around in Kyoto. You can borrow the sandals that only maiko can wear, so you can fully enjoy the feeling of being a maiko in the city of Kyoto.After walking around and when you have returned to the shop, your makeup, clothes and wig will be taken off. Receive the album and that is all for the experience. 【TRIVIA】Maiko that are only in Kyoto The job of a maiko is to entertain guests with traditional arts such as singing, dancing, playing the shamisen etc. in the Go-kagai (5 geisha quarters) in Kyoto. It is the training period of a geiko (a geisha in Kyoto), and after 5 years of training as a maiko, she can turn into a geiko. Originally, in the Edo period, there was a teahouse in Higashiyama where the Yasaka Shrine is. Women who worked at the teahouse sang songs and performed for the visitors to the temples and shrines and people traveling on the road. This is the origin of the geiko/maiko. In accordance with the strict tradition of geisha world around Gion, they are still working.  But most of the maiko you will see on the street may be tourists dressed up. Even the locals rarely see maiko, so if you see one you are really lucky. Besides Kyoto there are also other places where women entertain their guests but the name geiko or maiko is only used in Kyoto

What’s included

  • Kimono rental
  • Hair and makeup
  • One Japanese hair ornament
  • Photography
  • 4 2L-size pictures
  • Album
  • Local taxes
  • Entry/Admission - Maiko and Geisha Makeover Experience in Kyoto Gion Aya

What’s not included

  • Make up products after the pick up
  • Transportation to/from attractions