Iaido Experience Tour to Learn Samurai Spirit with Private Guide

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Learn the SAMURAI spirit!! Authentic Iaido experience near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo!! [The venue:”Edo Mugai Ryu Iai Hyouho” dojo] ※You'll slip back in time to the Edo Period in dojo filled with the nostalgic air of Samurai, where you will experience the samurai spirit through Test cutting of Sizan with real Japanese sword produced in the Medieval Ages. [Highlights] 1.Experience the samurai spirit through Sizan in the authentic Iaido dojo in the center city of Tokyo(Kudanshita,Chiyoda Ward)!! 2.Enjoy a kind of antique weapons collection tour during the break time!! 3.Capture this rare and wonderful experience thoroughly!! (Commemorative photographing(dressed like a Samurai holding a Japanese sword), Photography allowed during the class, Dojyo staff films your attempt!!) 4.Amazing demonstration performed by Head Master of the school!!
《You can experience Test cutting of Shizan(to be detailed later)which is most suitable for learning the Samurai spirit. Moreover,antique swords, have excellent sharpness ever, are used!!》 ◆History of the school Mugai Ryu(school) Iai, the classical samurai art of drawing the sword was created by the founder of Mugai Ryu,辻月旦資茂Tsuji Gettan Sukemochi(1648~1727). Mugai Ryu was exceedingly practical Iai to be useful for actual combat. Additionally,considering the importance of the mental aspects of swordsmanship, Gettan joined the Zen seminary at KYUKOU-ji temple in Edo and studied under the famouse SEKITAN Zen bishop. Gettan and his Mugai Ryu became so famous in its day. And later, Mugai Ryu greatly flourished especially among high class samurai including Daimyo or feudal lord and Shogun’s retainers during the Edo Period(1603~1868). Head Master of the school who restored the old Iai-swordsmanship style with a historical background under the school name of “Edo Mugai Ryu Iai Hyouhou(Military tactics)” directly teaches you the Samurai spirit through Shizan modified for beginner!! Shizan refers to the Test Cutting,which is a practice of cutting a simulated target(rolled tatami mat top layers of being soaked in water to add density) with a descending diagonal cut from the upper right to the lower left using a real Japanese sword from unsheathed position. Shizan was popularized in the Edo Period for testing the quality of Japanese swords.      ◆Details of the lesson This practice requires practitioner’s concentration and courage, as might be expected of a practice performed with a real Japanese sword. Head Master of "Edo Mugai Ryu Iai Hyouho", who is placing high value on the mental aspects of Swordsmanship like Gettan, created this Shizan experience program to provide beginners the opportunity to try Shizan and to be exposed to the samurai spirit while sufficiently giving consideration to the safety of the attempt. And,Head Master himself spoon-feeds you considering an individual difference such as physical conditions and a physical strength!! Success in the attempt doesn't matter, because this program's purpose lies the experience of the Samurai spirit!! Just feel the Samurai spirit trying test cutting seriously with a real Japanese sword !! Furthermore,you can enjoy a kind of antique weapons collection tour during the break time!! In addition,those are not replica but genuine ones which are supposed to be exhibited in museums!! And, unlike museums, you can film them and even touch them!! After the lesson,amazing demonstration performed by Head Master of the school is waiting for you!! So, see you in the dojo!!    ◆Please choose from the three sessions below.(Starting time of sessions are adjustable within 30 minutes or so) 1)10:00 Lesson start :11:30 Finish 2)13:00 Lesson start :14:30 Finish 3)15:00 Lesson start :16:30 Finish

What’s included

  • Professional guide
  • Lesson fee(instruction by master, assistants)
  • Rental Samurai sword and Iaido outfit

What’s not included

  • Transportation to/from attractions(From your place to Kudanshita station)
  • Hotel pick up: if you needed