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Natural onsen on a world-class scale. The baths are divided into a European Zone and An Asian Zone, allowing you to enjoy a variety of experiences. Sauna culture, or the tradition of bathing in heat and steam, has existed around the world since ancient times, and using the latest technology, they have recreated saunas from Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Korea, Canada, and Iceland.

Onsen: Natural onsen on a world-class scale. The baths are divided into a European Zone and an Asian Zone, allowing you to enjoy a variety of experiences.European Zone is inclusive of Ancient Rome, Greece, Atlantis, Blue Grotta, Spain, Mediterranean Sea & Finland.Ancient Rome: A luxurious Jacuzzi-style bath overlooked by a sculpture of Trevi Fountain.Greece (Medicinal Bath): An Erechtheion goddess stands over an herbal bath in a Parthenon-like room.Atlantis: A mysterious bathhouse evoking the sunken city of Greek mythology.Blue Grotta: A marine blue bath, designed after the famous Blue Grotto on the island of Capri in Italy.Spain (Open-Air Bath, Foot Bath): Feel a sense of freedom in this open air bath with a large waterfall pouring into it.Mediterranean Sea: An open-feeling bath designed with a stylish, chalky-colored background.Finland (Sauna House): Take it easy in a warm bath and relax your body.Asian Zone is inclusive of Japanese Outdoor Bath (Keiyu-no Yu), Japanese Outdoor Bath (Yamazato-no Yu), Islam (Stone Bath), Persia, Bali, Dr. SPA & Japanese Hinoki Bath (Cypress Bath).Japanese Outdoor Bath (Keiyu-no Yu): This outdoor bath is enhanced by the pleasant sounds of a Japanese mountain stream.Japanese Outdoor Bath (Yamazato-no Yu): Time seems to move slowly as you soak in this luxurious bath, surrounded by the rustling sounds of the trees during different seasons.Islam (Stone Bath): Relax all of your senses in this lovely space decorated with colorful tiles.Persia: A bath with Persian motifs from the palace at Persepolis.Bali: This resort-style bath is designed after Bali, home of the gods.Dr. SPA: Take it easy and relax in three different baths, an oxygen bath, a hydrogen bath, and a carbonated bath.Japanese Hinoki Bath (Cypress Bath): In Japan, a cypress bath is the height of elegance.

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  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Additional Spa treatments, gym and other facilities that may require additional entrance fees