Top things to do

Cultural in Abashiri

Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival

An opportunity to celebrate the cold! Ice sculptures and statues, illuminated at night, plus lots of warm sake to keep your blood flowing.
Museum in Abashiri

Abashiri Prison Museum

Some of the original Meiji-era prison buildings were restored and relocated to this oddly pleasant museum park. The Kangoku Hakubutsukan (penal museum) here details the reasons this historic prison was so feared: a …
Museum in Abashiri

Hokkaidō Museum of Northern Peoples

The examples here of traditional dress, tools and musical instruments from the indigenous cultures of the northern latitudes demonstrate the resourcefulness and joy that can be found in some of the world's harshest …
Nature Reserve in Abashiri

Sango-sō Gunraku

Known as salt pickle or grasswort in other parts of the world, coral grass, the otherwise humble marsh plant, gets its moment of fame in September when it turns bright red. There are a few boardwalk viewing spots ov…
Pub in Abashiri

Abashiri Bīru-kan

Traditionalists should put aside all preconceptions when visiting this brewery-restaurant. Abashiri Beer's signature brew is the Ryūhyō (drift ice) Draft, made with melted sea ice and coloured (with algae) acid blue…
Museum in Abashiri

Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum

Come here to see videos of the drift ice in winter and small tanks of the fascinating creatures that live beneath it, such as the tiny kurione (sea angel), Abashiri's mascot. There's also a rooftop observatory.
Cultural in Abashiri

Orochon-no-hi Festival

Held on the last Saturday in July, this fire festival prays for a good harvest and consoles the spirits of those who have passed.
Market in Abashiri

Kandō Asa-ichi

Open a few weeks in July and August and some weekends in September, this morning market is a good place for a seafood breakfast. It's at the port, east of town.