Worth a Trip: Fern Gully

Passing through this lush gorge is one of the prime attractions of Ocho Rios. Milford Rd (the old A3) zigzags uphill through the 5km canyon of an old watercourse that was planted with hundreds of different fern species around 1880. Today the trees form a canopy overhead, filtering subaqueous light, while crafts vendors ply their wares at the side of the road.

Bog Walk Gorge

Just south of Faith's Pen, the road cuts though a beautiful limestone canyon – Bog Walk Gorge – carved by the slow-moving, emerald-colored Rio Cobre, lined with vine-draped trees. You drop into the gorge and cross the river via the Flat Bridge, an 18th-century stone bridge, formerly a notorious place for bottlenecks. Halfway through the gorge, on the western side, you can see the huge Pum Pum Rock, named after a part of the female anatomy that it resembles.