Bus in Mandeville

St Elizabeth Taxi Stand

Shared taxis to parish destinations such as Mile Gully, Alligator Pond, Santa Cruz and Junction (for connections to Treasure Beach).
Bus in Mandeville

Mandeville Transportation Center

Minibuses and shared taxis to Kingston, Black River, Christiana, Santa Cruz, Montego Bay and other long-distance destinations.
Bus Station in Mandeville

Knutsford Express

Long-distance bus services to Kingston, Negril, Montego Bay and more.
Taxi in Black River


Shared taxis to Whitehouse (J$150) and Savanna-la-Mar (J$300).
Bus in Black River

Transportation Center

Minibuses to Montego Bay (J$250) and Savanna-la-Mar (J$220).
Taxi in Black River

Taxis to Treasure Beach

Shared taxis to Treasure Beach (J$250).
Taxi in Black River

Taxis to Santa Cruz

Shared taxis to Santa Cruz (J$220).