Top Choice Jamaican in Montego Bay

Houseboat Grill

Moored in Bogue Bay at Montego Bay Freeport, this converted houseboat is one of the best restaurants in the country. The changing menu offers eclectic Caribbean fusion cuisine: tiger shrimp in a fiery red curry, or …
Top Choice Jamaican in Montego Bay


Loved by upper-crust Jamaicans and tourists on away-days from the all-inclusive buffets, Pelican is goat-curry heaven, though the oxtail’s not bad either. Opened the same year Jamaica gained independence (1962) and …
Top Choice Jerk in Montego Bay

Pork Pit

‘Pit’ is the operative word at this glorified food shack on the Hip Strip where a half-roasted chef slaves over a blackened barbecue fashioned from bamboo sticks laid over smoking hot coals. Notwithstanding, his mea…
Top Choice International in Runaway Bay

Cardiff Hall Restaurant

This cheerful restaurant serves well-made Jamaican and continental fare. The service is great and reservations highly recommended.
Vegetarian in Montego Bay


Tiny space in a health-food shop in a small shopping mall that mixes up fantastic cheap vegetarian and i-tal fare, fruit juice and silky smoothies. The curry tofu and soy patties are delicious, and can be boxed up a…
Bakery in Montego Bay

Butterflake Pastries

Good for cheap meat and vegetable patties.
Ice Cream in Montego Bay

Candy Shack Ice Cream

Just the ticket on a hot day on the Hip Strip. Try the reggae rainbow flavor.
Jamaican in Montego Bay

Berry College Restaurant

In the courtyard of the Gloriana Hotel, this home-style Jamaican eatery demands a long wait for good food made from scratch. The menu features time-honored favorites like pepperpot soup, roast pumpkin and a unique, …
Chinese in Montego Bay

Dragon Court

This is the best fine-dining Chinese cuisine in MoBay, located in the modern Fairview Shopping Centre. The menu is replete with Chinese standards, with a few standouts including the tempting crispy duckling with plu…
Fast Food in Montego Bay

Juici Patties

Good for cheap meat and vegetable patties.